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For us media training is confidence, confidence and confidence.

Virtue looks at Media Training as a core requirement for all our clients. However capable a client’s CEO or other top officials might be in presentation skills or oratory, handling media requires a different set of skills. One little slip, and a company can get into real trouble!

The media today has become more hostile and more aggressive. Media persons are no longer satisfied with simple answers or evasive answers like “No Comment”. The ideal way is to face the media with confidence, in a language and approach that allows the company to present its viewpoint, without getting on the wrong side of the media.

We, at Virtue, ensure that C-suite executives gain higher levels of confidence in conveying key messages more powerfully to the media, and thus be well prepared to handle any situation or crisis that could impact on corporate reputation. We train top officials anticipate media questions and keep the right answers ready. We advise clients on what to say and what not to say, and how to say it – whether they're going on TV, radio or having a press interview.

Our media training is delivered by veteran journalists and experienced PR persons, with expertise in the client’s specific area of business. We have on our panel of top-grade presenters and broadcasters. We use simulation scenarios to help our clients handle a particular incident or crisis with the highest level of confidence.

In short, our training programmes empower you to take full control of any situation and present your best image to the media. We also specialize in delivering comprehensive public speaking skills, presentation skills, message development and speaking techniques.


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